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Dec 8, 2013 4:45pm EST
itself as a religion. on the other hand, builds itself a science. that's her scientology comes to. a technology that this is not really a pulley system. this is a step icepack guaranteed to succeed latter to spiritual unlike men. our ron hubbard had a perfect understanding of the human mind. if you follow these types, you will achieve a kind of enlightenment. god doesn't play a big role in scientology. there's a place for him. eight dynamics. i won't go into too much of the terminology. at the peak there's a place that's infinite, but not a clearly felt outlay. scientology will tell you you could be a southern baptist or jehovah's witnesses still be a scientologist. but a product that doesn't seem to be the case. people are urged away from other belief systems to be fully subscribers to scientology. >> he touched on the entertainers and you read a lot about that in the tabloids newspapers. i was wondering about their counterparts in the political scheme of things on both the national and state levels they are, how much influence do they have like the attorney general i think one t
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
basically met at a science fair in london, the delegates, and met a young canadian women, 16. we met at the hospital. and i had taken a year off between high-school going to oxford. i would visitor. so i worked, you know, oddly enough in north london. oftentimes. to earn enough money to go and see her. i arrived in montreal in the early 1952. and then after a little while there was this huge continent beyond. so my parents dismayed when they learned about it, hitchhiking to vancouver. not a very long time, people were very nice. some dispatch. and then i decided to go and have a look at america. been fascinated by any english child, the cisco kid and champion and all of those kinds of programs. so i entered the united states. the time of blame in washington state. the first time i remember seeing , the incident as its i looked bewildered. stopped and picked me up. so would you like to come to seattle. that was the beginning of a series of unbelievable things which -- i visited every single state in the union, well, at least a lie, everyone in the continental u.s. i traveled -- i thin
Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
science him to do a series of commentaries for all things considered at which point the philadelphia of patrolmen's benevolent association said enough is enough. we have a widow who was killed by this man now doing things on npr? that was not a violation but that is the nature of the beast. they finally got the message and canceled the commentary so that is how they work historically that discarding in the soviet union moving to the united states even after it expires the playbook lives on. they know how to agitate and propaganda. agi-prop. but day counted on something in that stage is to presuming the guilty innocence stage. in detail like the andy griffith show but now the rise from a particular 67 episode which some of you have seen. to remember when aunt bee is the juror. do remember the guy on trial? the actor? jack nicholson. 1967 a few years later he would be a movie star but he is on trial for what vinegar's restore 12 people on the jury one was aunt bee the other 11 are convinced the character is guilty but aunt bee pulled out because he does not seem like the kind of guy to
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3